wheel and tire buying basicswheel and tire buying basics

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wheel and tire buying basics

I bought my son a cheaper vehicle for his first car. The car wasn't exactly what he wanted and needed some care. I told him that I would pitch in half the cost of buying new wheels and tires for it since it had plain black wheels that used to be hidden underneath hubcaps. When we started looking into his best options for wheels and tires, I learned a lot. I found out what kind of wheels should be avoided when you drive down dirt roads often, found out what tires will provide the best traction for our roads and much more. Learn what we did by reading our blog.


Your Short Guide to Tire Care and Replacement

Tires are necessary for a vehicle to move, and tires in good condition should also be considered to be necessary. Tires that aren't in good shape can put you, your passengers, and others on the roadway at risk. Here is a short guide on tires:  How often should you be replacing your tires? When it comes to how often you should replace your tires, there are really two main things to consider and that is their age and their wear. Read More 

Four Accessories For Your New Pick-Up Truck

Getting the pick-up truck you've wanted for some time is a good feeling. To keep that good feeling going, you can purchase accessories that help you transport things, customize the truck for your own preferences or work to protect your new investment. The accessories here can soup up your truck no matter where you use it: Off-Road Rims Standard manufacturer-made rims may work well enough on paved roads and streets, but if you plan to be off roads more often than on them, you may need to upgrade your rims, especially if you're already considering new wheels. Read More 

How Certain Material Handling Products Can Work For Your Tire Shop

Material handling products are generally used for warehouse purposes. However, under certain circumstances, some of these materials may have other uses. The following items, for example, would work exceptionally well in a tire shop, specifically, your tire shop. Drum Barrel Racks No, it is true, you do not deal in drum barrels. Yet, drum barrels are round like tires and wheels, and both need to be stored in a way that they do not roll off and away. Read More 

Think You Have A Bad Wheel Bearing? Here Are A Few Warning Signs To Look Out For

While it's hard to ignore your tires or brakes, it's all too easy to overlook your wheel bearings. Despite being one of the most crucial parts of your vehicle's steering and drive axle system, wheel bearings are often ignored until they're on the brink of failure. If and when that happens, a wheel bearing failure could easily put you and other motorists at risk. It's always a good idea to have failing wheel bearings replaced as soon as possible. Read More 

What’s Important To Know About Your Vehicle’s Readiness To Drive Off-Road

If you have never driven off-road, then you are missing out on an adrenaline-filled experience that is hard to replicate elsewhere. However, as fun as off-road driving can be, it is critical to understand a few things to prevent damage to your vehicle, keep from getting stuck and guard yourself from being injured. Below are a few considerations about your vehicle that will help you maximize your off-road driving experience: Read More