wheel and tire buying basicswheel and tire buying basics

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wheel and tire buying basics

I bought my son a cheaper vehicle for his first car. The car wasn't exactly what he wanted and needed some care. I told him that I would pitch in half the cost of buying new wheels and tires for it since it had plain black wheels that used to be hidden underneath hubcaps. When we started looking into his best options for wheels and tires, I learned a lot. I found out what kind of wheels should be avoided when you drive down dirt roads often, found out what tires will provide the best traction for our roads and much more. Learn what we did by reading our blog.


When To Take Your Car In For Wheel Alignment Or Adjustment

Over time, the parts in your vehicle's front suspension and steering will begin to wear. When that happens, the wheel alignment can begin to change, and you may start to see strange tire wear patterns developing or feel changes in how the car drives. An alignment service can check the wheel alignment and make adjustments when necessary, but it is essential that you take the car to the shop if you feel something is off with the vehicle. Read More